ELWD, the man behind the mystifying "Tropic", is back with his third album mere months after the release of the Tropic LP. There's Light Somewhere (out Feb. 17 via Bad Taste) is a massive 20-track opus full of woozy rap beats and analogue haze. Tape opener "gttamkeit//liteup" was one of our highlights—though picking just one gem is a task in itself—with its choppy percussion and degraded soul samples fluttering through the distortion. Despite its experimental exterior, "gttamkeit//liteup" has a real "golden age" feel to it, though it plants itself firmly in 2016. The rest of the album maintains that woozy rap tone but later in the set, ELWD adds in elements of footwork, jungle and more ambient textures for a more expansive listen. As we've said, the whole tape is worth getting lost in so you'd be well-advised to free up your afternoon to listen to this uninterrupted.