433 days.

That’s how it’s been since we’ve been blessed with new music by the hell-spun, Alberta-bred four-headed jock-rock behemoth known as Nickelback. More than a year after No Fixed Address skyrocketed to the summit of your high school bully’s Top 25 most-played songs on iTunes, Chad Kroeger and his band of riff ruffians have emerged from hiding with some news: they’re working on new music.

That’s right, folks. In their 21st year as a band, Nickelback are preparing to unleash their 9th studio album. It wasn’t enough for Avril’s ex’s band to share this news with their fans on Twitter, and be done with it—they also felt the need to drag Kanye West’s name into it, for some reason. The tweet reads as follows:

“Good news: we're working on new music. Bad news for us: @kanyewest 'Swish' will be the best album of all time.”

This is, of course, alluding to Kanye West’s recent announcement that he’s finished working on SWISH, wherein he referred to it as “the best album of all time.”

Unless you take this at face value and believe that the Kroegy boys are huge Kanye fans, it’s pretty clear that this is a tongue-in-cheek dig at Kanye, and the outlandish presumption that he, or anyone, could write a song more perfect than “How You Remind Me.”

Unsurprisingly, the reference soared right over the heads of Nickelback’s fan base, prompting responses of outrage, confusion, and yup, casual racism.

NICKELBACK BACK. Can we start calling Chad Kroeger #Cheezus yet?