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For a brief moment earlier this year, Slim Jesus' divisive "Drill Time" felt like the global Twitter argument that would never end. A wide variety of rappers quickly chimed in on Slim's viral moment, with many choosing to mock (or even outright warn) him while others opted instead to just let the dude live. The success of "Drill Time" was promptly parlayed into a stretch of shows across the United States dubbed the Young and Ignorant Tour, with its inaugural date interestingly taking place at a strip club in Kentucky on Friday. Roughly 30 vaping people attended the show at Trixie's in Louisville, according to Noisey, which doesn't exactly sound like a slam dunk.

Slim reportedly went on twenty minutes late, opening with the aforementioned perplexer "Drill Time." The club quickly sent some adult-oriented dancers to the stage to join Slim, though the joyous display apparently didn't exactly provide the crowd with necessary litness. Michael Powell, attendee, describes the audience as such:

The wackness was real and palpable, as the crowd, which was modest to begin with, thinned out throughout the set.

For those keen on knowing exactly what a Slim Jesus show in a strip joint in Kentucky looks like, look no further:

Dude seems nice enough. Hopefully the rest of the tour takes it a bit easier on him.