Slim Jesus is currently in the middle of his first headlining tour, and while that's impressive, it doesn't look like things are off to a great start. During Slim's first show in Ottawa, someone from the crowd got up on stage, snatched the mic from his hand, and yelled, "support real hip-hop, bitch" into the mic. 

Slim has been a hot bed for controversy ever since he debuted as a white rapper making drill music, and things didn't get better for him after he admitted that he wasn't really about the street life. It doesn't look as though his authenticity has really slowed down his popularity though, as a number of labels—including Birdman and Cash Money—have reached out to the Ohio-based rapper.

It seems like this mic snatching was a planned thing however, as it was featured as part of a music video from an Ottawa rapper named Black Jesus. Oddly enough, this isn't the same Black Jesus who confronted him outside of a club in Atlanta a few months back. There is no doubt that Slim Jesus has some supporters, but it's clear he's always going to have some detractors following him closely.