UPDATE 1/2/16 6:30 PM: Lupe has shared the artwork for Drogas and revealed its meaning. Check it out below.

UPDATE 12/25/15 10:30AM: Right on time for Christmas, Lupe Fiasco shares the title for each project he plans to drop in 2016. Along with Drogas and Skulls is the third project, Roy, and like with anything the Chicago rapper releases, there's a possibility each project has a connection to the one before it. We'll have to wait for the new year to see how this all pans out though.


See below for the original story published on 12/20.

Lupe Fiasco has outlined his release schedule for the next two years. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead.

Earlier today, he’s promising three albums in 2016. Drogas is the first one coming out. He gave one spoiler about the album, confirming there will be a “Mural Jr.” It looks like it’ll be a sequel or prequel of sorts to “Mural” off Testuo & Youth.

Last week, Fiasco announced The Cool 2 is coming out in winter 2017. He shared the news on the eighth anniversary of The Cool.

Read his tweets, below.