Tour riders give us insight into our favorite artist's needs and wants. Rae Sremmurd requests super soakers and a stripper pole, while Future's rider reveals a deep love for fresh white powdered donuts. August Alsina requires a feast. To keep his stomach satisfied, the New Orleans singer requests 20 pieces of hot Popeyes chicken before every show, according to TMZ. Of course, no feast is complete without beans, rice, jalapeno peppers, biscuits, and mashed potatoes with gravy. What a perfect meal. Hennessy and Honey Jack Daniels are nearby to quench all thirst. 

Alsina also makes sure his crew is well-fed with 12 ribeye steaks, 24 sauteed prawns, 24 fried prawns, baked lobster mac and cheese, and apple pie. There's also the cool $60,000 he gets paid for every show, but we'd go on tour with him for the feast alone.