In our current post-dystopian world, there are practically millions of different kinds of equally delicious and totally healthy doughnuts. However, for the world’s leading futurist, only one specific type makes the cut backstage: "fresh white powdered" ones:

TMZ snagged a copy of Future’s tour rider from a December 2014 show, and the demands are relatively mild but most certainly compelling. Promoters are asked to have 4 bottles of Ace of Spades, Moet, and Ciroc on hand to keep the crew smiling. As for the edibles, Future likes chicken fingers, broccoli, cheddar popcorn, and those aforementioned white powdered doughnuts.

After typically bagging a reported $150,000 for a 45-minute set, Future then allegedly kicks back with some lemon grass scented candles and, presumably, ponders how to dominate 2016 the same way he dominated this year.