Concert riders are an endlessly intriguing cultural artifact. When they leak fans get insight into how weird, extravagant, or even depraved their favorite musicians can be. Rae Sremmurd are still somewhat new to over-the-top tour life but it seems they're settling in nicely with some special requests on their own tour rider. 

According to TMZ, brothers Swae Lee and Slim have a pretty unique set of demands from venues and concert promoters soliciting their services. Sremmurd's tour rider apparently includes the following: a couple dozen chicken wings and a pair of Spicy Crunch Dorito Tacos from Taco Bell. (Nothing too crazy.) Two bottles each of Ace of Spades and Moet and a bottle of Hennessy. (Makes sense.) Small super soakers and beach balls. (Here we go.) $300 in one's and a stripper pole-equipped 15-passenger van as an airport shuttle. (There it is.) They also require first-class airfare and more liquor, which seems pretty fair. 

Rae Sremmurd are in the midst of an ongoing tour and we don't feel bad for them at all. 

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