Wolfie's output this year has been enormously well received"Seeds" was selected by Annie Mac for her Free Music Monday series, while "Come Over" saw heavy rotation as Record Of The Week on Radio 1's daytime playlist. On top of all that, she's also had the cosign from Pharrell on his OTHERtone radio show. This year also saw the release of her massive new single, "I Be Ghost", a track she opened for remixing by any producer who fancied the challenge. As you can imagine, she was inundated with an avalanche of remixes taking the track in all kinds of directions. This one from north London-based producer Ray Sargent, however, stood out in particular with its smoky, nocturnal R&B club vibes. Make sure you keep an ear on Wolfie's Radar Radio appearances and Ray Sargent's outputthese are two artists not to be slept on.