When it comes to writing about a remix, usually, we'd give a little explanation of the original, perhaps draw up some comparisons and what have you. But when it comes to J Hus' "Lean & Bop", that's probably a little redundant now that literally every single human alive in 2015 has heard the tune, and probably learned the dance moves too. 

So today, we bring you this SYV remix, a thunderous banger with a noticeable grime influence. The production itself—the punchy synths and distant arpeggios—is huge, but SYV's treatment of the vocals is definitely worth a mention too. J Hus' vocals are looped and echoed, leaving you feeling like you're in the vanguard of an army while Hus gives the battle cry. It's also worth mentioning that the main hook, that world-famous chant, has been pretty much removed entirely. Instead, the focus is placed squarely on Hus' genuinely brilliant bars, playing them up and encouraging listeners to remember his lyrical prowess, not just the chorus.