Erykah Badu recently blessed us with "Phone Down," which will be featured on her upcoming mixtape due out Thanksgiving. Clearly it was a source of inspiration for Compton native Problem and D.C. representative Wale, as the two rappers come through today with their own rendition of this slow-burning track. "Oh yeah baby?/Suckin' clit while you rubbing on my head baby," Problem raps at the beginning of his verse, so you know things are about to heat up from there. Wale slides through at the end and plays up the DMs angle, something we can safely assume rappers deal with on a regular basis. When art imitates life.

"The Homegirl Dj Pzus hooked it up. Wale is like my bro so it was easy as that," Problem told us of the remix. He's currently finishing up B.O.M.B., which will drop later this year.