Apparently, when Ryan Hemsworth isn't on his "solo Netflix and chill" grind, he's continuing to captivate the minds and hearts of his fans. Out today via Secret Songs is his six-track opus with LucasTaking Flight

There's no real turn-up on this project (although "From Grace" is close), which is perfect for the time of year that Taking Flight drops, since it's not too cold outside, but you're not t-shirt-and-jeans'ing it. Either way, Hemsworth and Lucas collaborated to cultivate sensual sounds that are perfect soundtracks for comfortable silences with bae... or with yourself. Taking Flight wears its indie influences on its flannel sleeves, and continues the progression to more "turn-down" instead of "turn-up" that Hemsworth has been lacing into his music over the last year or two.

As Ryan told Complex earlier this week, his Secret Songs imprint will be holding their first CMJ showcase during this year's CMJ Music Marathon. On October 16, Hemsworth and Lucas will be hitting the Palisades for a free, all-ages show that will also feature Lontalius and dd elle; you can check the flyer below. And for those of you who truly want to support Secret Songs, grab some of their merch today.