We're a year and change in since everyone's favorite selector Ryan Hemsworth kicked off his Secret Songs project. The imprint, which is primarily a SoundCloud hub for all of the future amazingness you didn't know you needed, finds the Canadian producer/DJ giving away some of the heat that he's been feeling lately. His next project not only includes a talented, like-minded producer like Seattle-based Lucas, but it finds him further developing the indie-influenced sounds that permeated his last album, Alone For The First Time.

With Taking Flight, Hemsworth and Lucas have found a way to bridge the gap between the live instrumentation that moves them with the electronic sounds that free them. The latest glimpse of this EP is "From Grace," which finds these two soundsmiths riding two different takes on the same passages. The delicate melodies, which are wrapped around hypnotic, distorted vocals, first come in with a harder, more up-tempo rhythm before taking things a bit slower. The soothing feels of the track override wherever the drums take it, making "From Grace" one of the more captivating and overarching cuts from the full EP.

Before Taking Flight's release on Oct. 9 via Secret Songs, we'll be unleashing a conversation with Ryan about Secret Songs, this EP, and so much more. For now, get intoxicated to this: