Justin Bieber currently has the No. 1 song on the charts with "What Do You Mean," but the battled pop star jolted his comeback months earlier when he was featured on Diplo and Skrillex's EDM smash, "Where Are Ü Now." Confusingly enough, this isn't Bieber's first song called "Where Are You Now," and he actually made a solo track of the same name that was featured as a bonus song on his My World 2.0 album in 2010. Even though they share the same name and a few of the same lyrics, the two songs actually have nothing to do with each other, though people are starting to say that they do.

The original is a slow ballad that Bieber recorded when he was 15, and is nowhere near the neighborhood of the 2015 EDM mega-hit. Even Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo pointed this out when they broke down how they made the song, and said that Bieber sent them a slower track he was working on for a few weeks, which they then transformed into the up-tempo pop masterpiece. So no, Bieber didn't just recycle one of his older songs that most fans didn't know about for his 2015 comeback. Nice try, though.