Meek Mill Was Not Happy With Someone Who Brought a Drake Sign To His Fool's Gold Set In Brooklyn

"This ain't no f*** Drake stuff."

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It's been two months since Drake and Meek Mill traded barbs at each other on wax, and it seems like Meek can't escape the trolling from Drake's fans. During his performance at Fool's Gold Day Off in Brooklyn, a fan allegedly brought a Drake sign, and he went off on him, even sending someone from his entourage to put pressure on the guy by standing next to him:

Meek talking about Drake at #FoolsGoldDayOff. Don't provoke him with a Drizzy sign.
Some dude was holding a Drake sign at the start of Meek's set so Meek sent someone down to stand next to the dude. #FGDAYOFF
"Don't come in here disrespecting Meek Mill. Don't act like this the Internet. You standing next to a shooter now." #FGDAYOFF
That Drake sign fucking vanished real quick. #FGDAYOFF
"Put that Drake sign up again, you fucking clown." #FGDAYOFF



While we're sure the fan brought the sign to be funny, it's not surprising to see that Meek is still a little perturbed by anything that has to do with Drake at this point. Hopefully that fan can choose a better time to put on his OVO cape next time.


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