Alexander Spit is set to go on tour with Mac Miller in a few days but first, he drops off "Tequila Mockingbird." The self-produced track features Los Angeles-based artist Chidi Himself and is, what Spit calls, his "end of the Summer campaign for individuality."

"It's my peace of mind for where I stand in the rat race," he told Complex over email. "I've spent the last year weaving through the confines of rap's elitism to tap into a more honest presentation of self without all the idiosyncratic fillers of my previous works." This track is his first introduction of that. 

"The song showcases my most stripped down songwriting to date where silence and minimalism serves as the key instruments in the writing," he told Complex over email. "It features my young homieChidi Himself whom I've been working with on a plethora of projects the past year with."

He's spent these last couple months working on his upcoming album and producing sounds for the likes of Boogie, Pell, Daye, Mac and others. Vibe out to "Tequila Mockingbird" below and visit to see additional visual content related to the track

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