For many, the idea of parting with a paycheque for the simple pleasure of owning a piece of vinyl is something incomprehensible. In the age of Spotify and Apple Music, it's uncommon to even see a CD in a friend's car, as music becomes less tangible and increasingly disposable. 

There are a select few however, who are happy to hand over hundreds to cop their holy grail. Here in Australia, prices for the local product is soaring, as long-time fans complete collections with classics they missed, and new jacks jump on early releases with a view to posting them up online with a #downsincedayone caption.

Scouring the Discogs database, it's surprising to see some Australian titles changing hands for hundreds. It's not just the usual suspects either; Hilltop Hoods vinyl goes for a grip, but Kilawattz, Celsius and Delta are gonna run you some serious cash too. Grab your credit card and get ready, here's the 20 most expensive Australian hip-hop titles on Discogs right now.