Barely two weeks into what we now know as The Year of Future, the wedding-inspiring connoisseur of Sprites released the 9-track mixtape opus Beast Mode. Featuring exclusive production from Zaytoven, the tape laid the groundwork for the forthcoming months of Future's undeniable dominance. That dominance, of course, eventually led to his first number one album Dirty Sprite 2.

According to a recent 'gram from Zaytoven (see below), Future appears to be again embracing the potential power of the sequel format:

Does this also mean that the Hive will receive part two treatments for Beast Mode classics "Peacoat," "Real Sisters," or "Lay Up?" Only time will tell, and as evidenced by Future's break-neck (and largely unmatched) pace of prolific creative output, that time is likely sooner than is easily conceivable.

Then again, maybe we're just living in the future and none of this has happened yet.