Willow Smith Drops the Video for DIASPORA's "Wit A Indigo"

Filmed during an MSFTSrep meet-up in Venice, the clip ditches traditional music video aesthetics for something far trippier.

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Is anyone else really doing next-level sonic philosophy like Jaden and Willow Smith? Not even two weeks after Jaden asked his fellow purveyors of higher thinking "What's your direction?" via a Mr. Carmack-assisted freestyle on the Beats 1 show Soulection, Willow has unveiled the visual accompaniment to the DIASPORA confidence-boosting banger "Wit A Indigo." The conventions-eschewing video, directed and edited by Ben Tan, was shot during an MSFTSrep meet-up in Venice.

The track, released earlier this summer under the DIASPORA moniker, is a stunning testament to the power of creative team work. Willow is joined on "Wit A Indigo" by Tyler Cole, Crystal Mec, and Tru for a no-holds-barred assault on the senses, a collaboration perhaps better described as an art collective. Of course, Willow is no stranger to the strength and rewards of the "collective" approach, with the MSFTSrep ethos largely centered on arming members with pride in a curated identity.

Furthermore, the video for "Wit A Indigo" is kind enough to gift the world with a new desktop background:


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