The best way to battle less-than-flattering press is to simply pump out more art, an approach 50 Cent is now embracing with enthusiasm. Following the most recent episode of the Starz series Power, which Curtis Jackson produces, 50 unveiled the video for his just-released track "9 Shots."

The track, which revisits 50's infamous shooting in 2000, is given the full-on cinematic treatment by director Eif Rivera. Eschewing the trappings of the usual music video approach, Rivera extends "9 Shots" into short film territory with appearances from fellow G-Unit alumni Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

During a recent broadcast on the app Hang With, 50 also revealed plans to release new music ahead of the long overdue Street King Immortal. "I might put a tape out in the next couple weeks," 50 teases. "[There's] some grimy shit on this one." 50 also claims that this possible mixtape will display a return to his roots, describing the collection of tracks as an embodiment of his "original style."