It's 10pm in Philly.

On Instagram, Meek Mill is chomping at some sort of blue dental bleaching laser. His photo caption reads, "Gotta clean my teeth b4 I talk dirty." Note Meek's surroundings—the boxes and duct tape, the paper-white lighting and low cork ceiling. It seems that Meek Mill is 'gramming from the back office of a UPS facility. Where he apparently belongs.

Mind you, Meek shared this photo while Drake was performing his headliner set at his very own OVO Fest in Toronto, where he also brought out Skepta, Future, and then motherfucking Kanye West. Drake opened his own, solo set by performing his two Meek Mill diss records, "Charged Up" and "Back to Back," while the main-stage flat-screen flashed a devastating series of crowd-sourced memes behind him. The crowd went nuts, chanting, "FUCK MEEK MILL."

As the staff writer who authored Complex's very own "I Hope Meek Mill Murders Everyone This Year" essay back in January, I speak for the rest of us when I say that the past couple weeks have been a sad, impossible time to be a Meek Mill fan. August, 3, 2015 is our darkest hour.

Four weeks ago, Meek Mill scored the #1 album in the U.S.

Tonight, Drake turned Meek Mill into a Pepe meme.


WOWOWOWOW RT @JasFly "You did it to yourself boy. I'll never let anyone disrespect my city." - @Drake

— Ahmed/Tastemaker (@big_business_) August 4, 2015