Drake and Future's BFF status might be at its peak right now. After Future's recent trip to Toronto for OVO Fest, Drake has now returned the favor with a trip down to Atlanta, where the two partied at Magic City last night. Of course, "March Madness" was playing in the clip that made its way onto Instagram because "March Madness" might just be the best song ever. 

This is just the latest instance of these two bro'ing out recently. Over the past few months, Drake was the only feature on Future's DS2 album, and they now have a video for the collab, "Where Ya At," on the way. Drake brought Future along for his "Jungle" tour, which coincided with the release of his album. Future then made his way out to OVO Fest and then Drake put up a picture of Future wearing the OVO Jordans on his Instagram with the hashtag #FutureHive. They legit might be best friends at this very moment. 

Will Future be featured on Views From the Six? Better yet, a full project with just the two of them? So many potential possibilities between FBGOVO. 


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