50 Cent is way in the red. The G-Unit founder is more than $32 million in debt and his assets are listed at just over $24 million. Still, he owns over half a million dollars in cars and has a monthly personal expenditure of more than $100,000. Now it looks like he's ready to let go of one of his biggest luxuries: an enormous 21-bedroom mansion in Connecticut. The house, which was previously owned by Mike Tyson, who, coincidentally also went bankrupt under the same roof, is costing 50 more than $70,000 a month in expenses. According to TMZ, 50 is looking for a renter to sublet the place, information released during a meeting between the rapper's lawyers and creditors.

We don't know how much 50 is looking to earn from the potential subletting, but he's obviously trying to figure out a plan of attack for that debt.