Producer: Bangladesh
Album: Tha Carter III
Label: Cash Money, Universal Motown

"A Milli" can best be described as an exercise in hypnotic minimalism, proving that deep bass drops, hand claps, and a pitched-down repetitive vocal loop can provide the ideal canvas for Lil Wayne to pitch us his unique brand of wordplay. "Lollipop" might've been a sell-out record, but even Wayne's harshest critics had to give it up for "A Milli"—one of the few rappity rap songs that actually became a huge hit. So many rappers clogged up the Internet with freestyles over this beat that after it first dropped many of us needed a few years' break before we could listen to it again. It earned a "Best Rap Solo Performance" Grammy for Weezy and producer Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford (who subsequently got into a beef with Baby about getting paid for this beat).