As smokers of the highest grade and rank, Lil Debbie and Wiz Khalifa are a bi-coastal match made in heaven. With Debbie releasing her latest EP, Home Grown, on July 31, we're premiering "420" today as an early taste of "that Bay high." On "420," Debbie is mellow and obsessed with fire, with more than a few references to her lighter. "All I do is BIC shit," she raps. Wiz is meanwhile fantasizing about Scarface, fame, and the risk of a lethal overdose.

Both Debbie and Wiz have been making major moves in the past twelve months—Wiz scored his second-ever No. 1 single with "See You Again" in Apriland it's a treat to hear these two finally linking up on a song together. Stream "420" above, and listen for Lil Debbie's Home Grown EP, which drops in full tomorrow.