Of the fifteen concerts I attended this past year, Lil Debbie was my favorite show, and her August project, California Sweetheart Pt. 2, yielded an unexpected handful of slappers that I'll be reprising next summer. After blessing fans with the headbands-and-spandex treatment for "Work the Middle" back in July, Debbie and music video director Grizz Lee hit the beach for "Wiggle," which gets Debbie and her girls twerking to a trap-bass interpolation of Too $hort and Lil Jon's "Shake That Monkey."

Let that ass slap back at the waves.

While "Wiggle" is a cut from California Sweetheart Pt. 2, Debbie's latest tape, Young B!tchdropped just last month. Expect a video for "Trap Lust" in the new year.