Sadly, whenever large groups of people gather to celebrate the virtues of all things good and creative in this world — someone always tries desperately to fuck up the mood. If you've ever attended even a single concert during your short time here on Earth, then you're well aware of the obnoxious smorgasbord of social pariahs one is likely to encounter at any given moment.

From the guy who still thinks it's funny to scream "Free Bird!" to the guy who is clearly the tallest person in the venue yet insists on standing in the front row (often doubling as the "Free Bird" guy, honestly), concerts — though a transcendent experience — are a proverbial breeding ground for real-life trolls.

J. Cole encountered one such pariah during a recent show in San Diego, failing to dodge an iPhone lodged from the crowd — resulting in a pitch-perfect response which will hopefully be emulated for centuries to come. Note to trolls: don't throw your iPhone at J. Cole unless you never want to see it again.