Disclosure's "Holding On" is currently enjoying its status as inescapable tune of the moment and that looks set to continue now that we have this remix from Julio Bashmore. The two emerged, or at least achieved success, at around the same time when the 2-step/deep house composite was just about to hit its zenith. That bouncy, soulful house sound might not be at its peak anymore but drop one of those tracks today and you'll still get a strong reaction from the crowd. So with that in mind, you can see why the Disclosure boys drafted in the Bristolian bass monster.

Giving the track a robotic, '90s dance-pop edge, Bashmore warps Gregory Porter's voice into a haunting siren's wail, drawing the listener in before the clattering synths give way to those warm, full-bodied bass licks Bashmore became so well known for. Fans of the kind of soulful, multi-faceted house music that drew us to Bashmore in the first place would do well to listen to this "elevated" remix: