​House producer and deejay Deadmau5 doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humor about a planned musical parodying his career. The artist, whose given name is Joel Zimmerman, Tweeted a cease and desist letter issued to the theater planning to host the musical earlier today. 

While Zimmerman is trying to put an end to the play, titled Deadmouse: The Musical, the website for the Toronto Fringe festival is still advertising the production and offering tickets for it on their website. As for what lucky play-goers can expect from the musical, the site describes it as "a comedy about a mouse who aspires to be a house DJ but is discriminated against for being a mouse." The protagonist, aptly named Joel Zimmermouse, partners "with his best friend David Goudda and his flame, Cat, to overcome speciest discrimination and the mouse hating House DJ Avicheese." As of yet, no word on how David Guetta or Kat Von D are taking the news, but probably a little better than Deadmau5 himself. 

Check out Zimmerman's Tweets about the cease and desist below. 

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