ComplexCon returns to Long Beach Nov. 6 - 7 with hosts J. Balvin and Kristen Noel Crawley, performances by A$AP Rocky and Turnstile, and more shopping and drops.

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It seems some of hip-hop's highly touted veterans are on a mission to bring back "Freestyle Fridays," as they continue to unleash new high quality verses on the final day of the work week. Styles P decided to go above and beyond the call of duty, with the release of not one, but three new tracks. On "Block Work," we see P reunite with his old LOX teammate, Jadakiss, who has also been serving us incredible freestyles each week as well. The two trade hard bars, weaving and winding their way from being being broke and "losing weight", to their exalted statuses in the game. "Block Work" will make you wish for a new LOX album.


Later in the evening, Styles P let loose two more tracks, entitled "Give Me Your Ghost" and "Ghost Rivers To The Riches." The latter features Chris Rivers, but both pack a punch. Check them out below.