Sony Music began the process of removing some of their notable artists from Soundcloudthe free streaming site, due to the music's sites "lack of monetization opportunities," according to spokeswoman statement to Billboard. This move comes after negotiation between the label and the company broke down Wednesday. While Soundcloud has started to implement changes in hopes of bringing in more revenue and offer a financial incentive for record companies, these new strategies are apparently too little and too late for Sony. 

Sony and its sister company, Columbia Records, have already taken music from Adele and Passion Pit off the site, however these artists were never known to be heavy users of the service. Unfortunately, Miguel, who is a frequent user of Soundcloud—even going so far as to release a surprise three track EP on the site—was also caught in the cross fire.

It is unclear whether the move was just Sony strong arming Soundcloud, or if this is their permanent solution to the monetization issue. However, we will keep you updated on how this entire situation plays out in the future.