P. Morris continues to impress with his original production and collaborations, and his POP MORRIS series is a perfect example of that. For the second installment of the project, which you can also stream below, Morris blends, remixes, and edits a number of older hits in with a few current bangers. The collection of music placed together will make you forget what you were doing and get lost in the music, as Morris mixes together the likes of Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" and Trey Songz.

To give even more to the fans, Morris also debuts a new video that features parts of the first installment of the POP MORRIS series, where he blends Drake, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and more in perfect unity. For the video, which was directed by Maal A Goomba and Alexandra Julian Moore, Morris and company take certain clips from the songs used and transitions them together with spiders and cockroaches walking across the screen for the duration. The video also includes a dope intro from Pharrell in 2013, where he correctly predicts that Morris would be blowing up in two years.

Both volumes of the POP MORRIS series are currently available for purchase on one CD on Morris' BandCamp page here. Additionally, a list of all of Morris' upcoming tour dates can be found below with the stream of POP MORRIS [Volume Two].