Lil B has already taken over the rap game, the Internet, and now he's aiming for the tech world. The day that Lil B gets really good at coding, the world will be an infinitely better place. Today, we're exclusively announcing his latest app: the TYBG Meme Creator. The app is simple: upload a photo, and create your very own "Thank You Basked God" meme without any tags on it, straight from the Based God himself. 

"With this app, this meme generator, because I'm the artist that made memes popular in rap and now the world, I decided to put the generator straight from the source," Lil B told Complex over the phone. "Fans care about [memes within music] now because of the emphasis I put on it."

Here's an example: 

Lil B has successfully launched his Basedmojis app and partnered with Follow Your Heart for the vegEMOJI app, as well. "Shout out to my coder, Mat Held, he's been teaching me some stuff," Lil B said. "I'm definitely gonna be dabbling in that Javascript. I love to help people so the things I'm doing are people focused."

You can download the app on iTunes right here and keep an eye out for more from Lil B coming soon. Catch him performing at Coachella tomorrow

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