Produced by: Unknown (40??)
Intended for: The Blueprint 3
Legend has it: In 2009, Jay reclaimed his seat as the hottest rapper out, around the same time as the ascension of an extremely promising spitter from way up north. When it was revealed that Hov invited Drake to a few Blueprint 3 sessions, the Internet was hype with anticipation for what would surely be a Fire Collab™. And what we got instead was..."Off That." However, before "Light Up" amended the disappointment, Drake revealed to Nah Right's Nation that they created other songs during their '09 time together as well. The most notable of which is a song called "Sweep," wherein Jay reportedly gets lovey-dovey re: Beyoncé, because what other rapper besides Aubrey could help Jigga expose his softer side? Jay already kickstarted Tidal's exclusives wave with a special anniversary-timed piano ballad from Bey, so he should keep the marital bliss vibes going by liberating this. Especially if the power couple is indeed working on a secret joint project.