Welp, it sounds like it's really happening. The rumors that music's reigning couple planned to follow their blockbuster tour with a collab album were re-ignited this week thanks to a pre-Grammys interview with Detail, the producer who laced the power duo with "Drunk in Love," wherein he all-but confirms Beyoncé and Jay Z are working on...something. Naturally, fans of both are in a sky-is-falling panic. Your average BeyHive member couldn't give a shit about Jay Z (On the Run Tour's audience had to be split at least 70/30), meanwhile Jigga fans have sweaty flashbacks to Kingdom Come's "Hollywood" every time they see Beyoncé listed on one of his track lists.

It's time to sew that cynicism up. While we'd all much rather see the two of them drop solo projects, it's borderline insane to think that, at this stage in both of their respective careers and their status as a power couple, Jay and B would really release a brick's worth of cutesy relationship tracks and z100-ready trash. It's crazy when I, of all people, have to step up and be the optimist, but I truly believe if the game's shrewdest businessman and its most committed perfectionist are really going to do this, it's going to be done right. Here are few reasons why On the Run: The Album ('15 Bonnie & Clyde? Natural Born Killers? True Romance?) *could* actually be fire.