No, it's not an Old Spice commercial. (It does appear to be a Beats By Dre commercial.) Opinions are liable to be widely divergent on Nigerian artist Jidenna's “Classic Man,” particularly after folks see the video. For the anti-ratchet anthem—everyone in the record is dressed in the dandiest of attire—it's a little funny how it relies on “ratchet” production, but it's ultimately a go-for-the-gut pop song (whatever its insistence to the contrary) with memorable melodic verses. Jidenna is signed to Janelle Monae's Wondaland label, and that can mean a following of people who complain in the comments section about a song that is “insipid, unimaginative, over-reliant on electronic manipulation of a very weak lead 'singer,' gratuitously repetitive, and tries to keep us all awake with fits of potty-mouth.” Ironically, these are all the things I like about the record; front to back, it's a catchier, more immediate hit than anything even Monae herself has released. Actual facts: Jidenna is the son of Oliver Mobisson, who is "regarded as the father of the African computer industry."