After 1217 games played over 18 stellar seasons, Steve Nash has announced that he is retiring from the NBA. Canada’s finest certainly made his mark on the sport, but the Victoria, BC native’s influence extends well beyond basketball—his name is a pop culture emblem, synonymous with speed, agility, and being a goddamned champion.

It’s no secret that rappers love a solid NBA reference, and sure, the fact that Steve Nash averaged 8.5 assists a game makes him a prime candidate for a blunt-passing analogy. On top of that, the fact that he has the best free throw percentage of all time makes a gunplay metaphor all too tempting. In the scope of basketball/rap similes, a Steve Nash reference could be considered an easy layup. But given the fact that the man is a literal game-changer, the spirit behind these lyrical tributes to Nash reveal a deep reverence for Canada’s point guard.

To celebrate the incredible career of Captain Canada, here are 10 of the best lyrical shoutouts to Steve Nash. Which ones did we miss? Leave them in the comments below.