How much does Mac DeMarco’s Mom know about Mac DeMarco?

In an interview conducted at Laneway Festival in Sydney, Australia, FasterLouder had Mac and his mom Agnes face off in a rounding round of Mac DeMarco-themed trivia.

The interview boasts many revelations to be had about the BC-born, Edmonton-raised indie-rocker, including what the first CD he bought was (Weezer, Blue Album), who his favourite member of Metallica is (James Hetfield), and what type of underwear Mac wears (boxer-briefs).

Mom DeMarco was willing to share a bit of dirt during the Mac-Off, revealing that Mac once stole $50, and “bought weapons, because he was being bullied at school.” Dark. On a lighter note, Mac talks about hiding his own piss and shit under his bed in a time-capsule when he was a kid. All in all, it’s a pretty informative little quiz, and a window into what seems like a very comfortable, loving relationship between the two.

Check out the fun interview below, and enjoy the rest of your Family Day. Give your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Weird Uncle, Cousins, Half-Cousins, Roommates, Friends, Cats, Dogs, and Lizards a big hug today, because family is precious.