Rating: Medium
Date: Oct. 10

For decades, YMCMB has been comfortably atop the genre. However, as 2014 wound down some cracks in the label’s foundation started to show. The trouble began with, of all people, Tyga. On Oct. 10, Tyga took to Twitter to blast the label he’s called home for the last six years. He started by claiming that YMCMB had been “holding him hostage” by keeping him from releasing his upcoming album. Then, when a fan asked him if he was still signed to Cash Money, Tyga told him “Not for long.” All this talking drew the attention of YMCMB President Mack Maine, who fired back mocking Tyga’s career beginnings and his goofy first hit, “Coconut Juice.” As of two weeks ago, Tyga claims he is putting his album out independently. Unfortunately for YMCMB, the problems with Tyga are the least of their worries.