Yesterday Q-Tip took to Twitter to give Iggy Azalea a lesson on the history of hip-hop. The series of tweets came after Iggy callously dismissed Azealia Bank's valid comments on the white washing of the genre. Now T.I. has tweeted in response to Q-Tip and in defense of his artist Iggy. He argues that not all white people want to exploit hip-hop and that the truly talented white artists are merely inspired by the culture. 

Soon after T.I. started tweeting, Banks responded by calling him "indoctrinated and "conditioned." 

Meanwhile Iggy herself has been completely silent, not tweeting since early Saturday morning. We'll have more as this discussion continues to play out. 

UpdateTwitter has been quick to criticize T.I.'s comments with #WhenTipTweets. Check out some of the best tweets below.