The pettiest of all petty hip-hop beefs is getting... even more petty. Today, TMZ is reporting that Tyga has recruited Drake's ex-girlfriend, Dollicia Bryan, to be in his new video for "Make It Work," where he may or may not take subliminal shots at Drizzy. As you know, Drake has been playing around with Tyga's ex, Blac Chyna​, on social media since the "beef" began, liking her pics on Instagram, and posting pics of Tyga's rumored new girl, Kylie Jenner, from when she was on the set of the "Recognize" video. 

Tyga appears ready to return the favor, reportedly reaching out to Bryan to be in the video, admitting to her that that the only reason for it was to piss off Drake, which she was more than fine with. Like we said, petty all around. Until the video drops, we have some photos of Tyga and Bryan on the set, which you can see below.