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One of the best things about Benzi's mixes is the fact that, while he does his best at curating what's dope and on the scene, he also makes sure that he cultivates a lot of exclusive material. In the weeks since he dropped Girl Trapz 6, a number of the fire originals have been hitting the 'Net, and today we get one of the bigger ones in our mittens, a huge "Don't Know Me" from Florida's Alexandre. Dude's fallen under the watchful eye of the Terrorhythm and Hebinomichi camps, so you know his sound is certified, and that bright, pop-y club sound that he employs on "Don't Know Me" finds influence in the sounds of Lido, SOPHIE, and others who are refining this sound. It's a fun, sexy romp with subtle R&B textures. If this is the first time you're turning up to this, you might need to pop a bottle of bubbly to get the full experience. Get right to this.