Planned Release Date: N/A
Was It Eventually Released?: No.

For the hardcore faithful of West Coast hip-hop, there are few fantasy collaborations that bring such excitement as the pairing of Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. While Dre and Cube feuded heavily in the early 1990s following the dissolution of their seminal rap group N.W.A, the pair had reconciled by 1994 when they released “Natural Born Killaz” on the soundtrack to Snoop Dogg’s short film, Murder Was the Case. After the successful release of “Natural Born Killaz,” Dre and Cube planned to collaborate on a joint album titled Helter Skelter. The album was set to be released on Death Row Records and was reported to feature contributions from frequent associates the D.O.C., Scarface, and Snoop Dogg. The album would never reach completion when a souring business relationship between Death Row and the D.O.C. led the latter to leak the unfinished reels of the album in a bitter dispute. Dre would soon stop working on the project, and Helter Skelter never came to fruition.