The word "legend" is banded about far too much, as is the statement that it is banded around too much. But in this case, the former is most definitely applicable to both Junior Sanchez and Todd Terry who have, in no uncertain terms, sculpted the last 20 years of house music. So, today, it's somewhat of a treat to hear the two dons collaborate on a new club banger.

Grammy-nominated Terry has been responsible for two UK top 10 singles and countless remixes, as well as playing a formative role in the making of Strictly Rhythm and bringing Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez and Louie Vega to the label. Equally, Sanchez has been a staple of dance music seemingly forever as head of the Brobot label and A&R for Size. 

Coming together on the thumpingly loud "Drop It 2 Da Floor", the duo manage to squeeze in a celebration of the past 20 or so years of house whilst still looking to the future, splicing in just a dash of 2-step bass and breaks to ramp up the tempo and really make your skull rattle. Listen to "Drop It 2 Da Floor" below. It's out on October 21 via Brobot Records.

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