Social media allows us to share everything we are doing. Lucky for us, (almost) every one of our favorite rappers has a cell phone, an Instagram account, a Vine account, a YouTube account, etc., and in their moments of excitement, they'll give us a sneak peek behind the scenes. The most exciting of these previews comes in the form of a song snippet.

We might see the photo of Yung Lean and Travi$ Scott together in the studio, but we want the audio. And, we want it early. We want to obsess over what our favorite artist might have on the horizon. We want to be able to flex on more casual fans—"Oh, yeah, I remember when they played this for two seconds on a LiveStream back in 2011." Sometimes these snippets aren't released by the artist, and to those producers, songwriters, friends, hangers-on, and unscrupulous bloggers, we salute you. Previewing a song has now become a crucial step in building buzz, the oil for the hypemachine. Here are this year's 15 Most Anticipated Songs Based Off Snippets.

Justin Roberson is a writer from South Carolina. Follow him @BauceSauce.