Way back before Diplo was christened one of the gods of the current EDM scene, he was into all kinds of sounds. Back before Mad Decent properly took off, he was working on an album "between a small apartment in Philadelphia and my mother's house in Florida," producing a sound that, while not definitive of where he's at today, is definitely a huge part of his initial acceptance. The album, Florida, turns 10-years-old this year, and is being reissued on Ninja Tune's Big Dada imprint. Rolling Stone reports that the reissue will feature Diplo's Epistemology Suite EP, as well as five previously-unreleased tracks. One of the unreleased tunes, "As I Lay Dying," features elements that eventually became standout track "Into the Sun."

We're wondering if this could lead into more Florida-esque music from Diplo, who said last year that he is sitting on tracks in that vein.

The Florida reissue is set to be released on Black Friday (November 28, 2014); we imagine this could be a Record Store Day "Back to Black Friday" special release. We'll keep you posted on any further details.