Above all else, what makes a remix great is the producer's fundamental understanding of the original's structure and intent. A perfect example of this would be Fluxus Head's recent reworking of Yumi Zouma's latest single, "The Brae". Keeping a careful eye on the soft, smoky vocals of the original, Fluxus builds on this brittle framework with a gradual increase in textures.

Beginning with some minimal percussion to keep the melody from drifting off into the ether, Fluxus then builds these few elements incrementally before stripping away the percussion all together in favour of a driving, but equally subtle, electro line that mirrors the sensitivity of The Knife's finer moments, all the while adding dashes of glass-like percussive melodies that only add to the track's fragility.

The end result of all this is a soft and gentle remix that sits perfectly in those playlists one makes for rainy Sunday afternoons. Stream the Complex UK premiere of Fluxus Head's take on "The Brae", below.