There's been a lot of future, dub-inspired electronica around lately, so much so that we're currently hurtling at breakneck speed towards critical mass. Nevertheless, there's still a tiny amount of space for those willing to put their own spin on things. Belgium-based Arsenal's new single, "Temul (Lie Low)"apart from proving in spades that guest vocalist Lydmor could give Bjork a run for her moneyis one such track. Or, more accurately, Faisal's remix is one such track.

In his revision of "Temul (Lie Low)", Faisal lays a sturdy trip-hop bed for Lydmor's vocals to sit gingerly over the top of a half-time slow jam, held together with tight percussive snaps, whose synths drag and lag to give the listener the sensation of walking backwards through a time lapse video. Stream it in full below.