Diggin' through the crates is a signature hip-hop pastime. Rap producers like Marley Marl, Dr. Dre, RZA, Havoc, and Kanye West have built immense careers upon flipping old, often obscure records into canny loops and platinum-selling refrains. The art is a science. 

Just as countless beatmakers will recount their fondest memories of plucking dusty records from attics and obscurity, producers and artists have suffered reams of legal dispute when it comes to properly crediting and compensating the artists (or rather, the record labels) whom they sample. The 1990s produced the most famous sample lawsuits of the genre's history, but even major label hit records of the 21st century so far have attracted their fair share of litigants. Here are nine recent examples of rappers facing off against fellow musicians in court, for the love of the beat.