I always think it's weird that we don't get A-Trak tracks more often. Every time he steps up for a remix, he smashes it. And they never seem to fall under the same style. Case in point, he's recently been tapped to remix Cazzette's "Sleepless," but if you were expecting some gritty Low Pros bass music, you're out of luck. For this take, he brings some hypnotic house grooves to the forefront, building on a purely euphoric intro that borrows from the original but charts some new ground. Maybe it's better that he does it this way; I'm not sure how long it takes A-Trak to finish making music when he's not DJing, producing for other artists, helping run Fool's Gold, or just being an amazing individual. Maybe that extra time spent refining his sounds means that we don't get the run-of-the-mill remix from him; he puts his time in and churns out something that's not only unique to what he's been putting out, but stands tall with everything else in that BPM. You can snag this right now on Beatport, and we highly recommend that you do.